Art Gallery

Walk into the Koehn Insurance Agency in the Bell Heights Center at 1000 W. Wisconsin Ave. and the first thing you will see is not the desks of insurance salesmen, but an expansive gallery of art.

"It's not uncommon to infuse art with insurance," said owner Tony Koehn. "We offer private or corporate collector policies that cover valuable works of art and collectibles that re too valuable for the standard homeowners policy or business package policy."

The gallery features original art by national and regional artists of various media on consignment. "It is our desire to provide the opportunity for individuals, interior decorators, architects, and businesses to purchase quality original art to add to the decor in the homes and offices," Koehn said.

Among the artists on display are Phil Sealy, Ruby Cherkasky, Juanita Moody, Ardice Wothen, Jo Geenen, and Tim Long. Judd Koehn, retired university professor of art from Oregon, will be exibited in the fall with his custom-crafted pottery and ceramics and sculptures.
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